Gerald Willen Postcards home

During his time as a PoW, Willen wrote home using the standard postcards provided to PoWs. Some of these have survived…

Interestingly, Willen shows his rank as “Sergeant”. This may have been as a result of a “Field promotion” (but I’ve not found any evidence of this, yet), or it might be because he thought that NCO’s may be better treated than “ordinary” soldiers; perhaps we’ll never know!

Willen PoW Postcard 1

Willen PoW Postcard 2















Sept 30 1944

Dear Mum, Am well & in good health, so don’t worry. Would like news from Clarke – so write. Tell everyone to do same. See Red Cross about sending me a package. Would like gloves, wool socks, scarf, stocking cap and food like chocolate bars, a box of pamcake flour, jam, etc, cigarettes. Write – love, Jerry


November15, 1944

Dear Mom, Am waiting to hear from you & hope it won’t be too long now. Am well, etc. Found out you can send a parcel with 6 cartons of cigarettes & one with dehydrated soups, soluble coffee, sacharine powder & chocolate. Please send them. Write airmail. Regards to everyone. Love Jerry