The Men

Who were these Allied servicemen?

There were 18 Allied servicemen held …

  • 2 USAAF Pilots
  • 2 US Army Paratroopers
  • 1 RAF pilot
  • 13 British Infantrymen

Some of these we know nothing about, some we have a small amount of information whilst others are more detailed. The following pages set out some of what my researches have so far uncovered. Obviously it would be great to learn more, so if you know anything about them, please get in touch.

“The unknown”

14215934Pte JBI BirdHampshire12/07/1944
5385568Cpl J Chapman2nd Devon Regt11/07/1944
14618159Pte A E SmithEssex Regt09/07/1944
4343414Pte N H T WelchEYR05/07/1944

“Some Knowledge”

14217219Pte S Brunt1st Battn Hampshire11/07/1944
5573158Pte D Lawrence2nd Devon Regt11/07/1944
3326726Pte A Oliver1st/7th Battn Green Howards28/07/1944
14692314Pte GC Reid7th Battn Green Howards26/07/1944
5059174Pte CA Wellings6th Battn Green Howards13/07/1944
2100201Pte P D White1st Battn Green Howards26/07/1944

“A little more information”

5568852Pte TH Blunt2nd Devon Regt11/07/1944
14209000Cpl TM CaldwellRoyal Scots Fusiliers05/07/1944
O-8039691st Lt FT GillespieUSAAF31/07/1944
4612746Cpl V ScottDuke of Wellington’s15/07/1944

“A lot more information”

O&431954Major Raymond ElledgeUS Army Air Corps31/07/1944
119026Flt Lt JW HarderRAF31/07/1944
37164445M/Sgt Morris A SheppardUS Army Paratroops06/06/1944
37558056Pvt Gerald WillenUS Army Paratroops31/07/1944