The Men

Who were these Allied servicemen?

There were 18 Allied servicemen held …

  • 2 USAAF Pilots
  • 2 US Army Paratroopers
  • 1 RAF pilot
  • 13 British Infantrymen

Some of these we know nothing about, some we have a small amount of information whilst others are more detailed. the following pages set out some of what my researches have so far uncovered; obviously it would be great to learn more, so if you know anything about them, please get in touch


“The unknown”

14215934Pte JBI BirdHampshire12/07/1944
5385568Cpl J Chapman2nd Devon Regt11/07/1944
14618159Pte A E SmithEssex Regt09/07/1944
4343414Pte N H T WelchEYR05/07/1944

“Some Knowledge”

14217219Pte S Brunt1st Battn Hampshire11/07/1944
5573158Pte D Lawrence2nd Devon Regt11/07/1944
3326726Pte A Oliver1st/7th Battn Green Howards28/07/1944
14692314Pte GC Reid7th Battn Green Howards26/07/1944
5059174Pte CA Wellings6th Battn Green Howards13/07/1944
2100201Pte P D White1st Battn Green Howards26/07/1944

“A little more information”

5568852Pte TH Blunt2nd Devon Regt11/07/1944
14209000Cpl TM CaldwellRoyal Scots Fusiliers05/07/1944
O-8039691st Lt FT GillespieUSAAF31/07/1944
4612746Cpl V ScottDuke of Wellington’s15/07/1944

“A lot more information”

O&431954Major Raymond ElledgeUS Army Air Corps31/07/1944
119026Flt Lt JW HarderRAF31/07/1944
37164445M/Sgt Morris A SheppardUS Army Paratroops06/06/1944
37558056Pvt Gerald WillenUS Army Paratroops31/07/1944