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Normandy June 2014 – Day#12 Tuesday 10th June

Poppies and cemeteries Back on the road & another poppy field reminding us of the blood that was shed in these areas 100 years ago. We soon arrived at Rancourt which appears to be unique in that there are German, French and British Commonwealth cemeteries all relatively close to each other. Then, having passed the […]

Normandy 2013 – Day#11 Tuesday 11th June

A medal, a Beach, a Band of Brothers and Azeville Battery’s painted bunkers An eclectic day finished off our last full day in France. As we were right on UTAH breach, I decided to go and take some photos as well as taking a jar full of sand I know it is wrong and if […]

Normandy tour 2013

Normandy… And so it came to pass, in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen, that our heroes did decide that the time had come to once again embark on their quest to quaff ales and wines from far and near, to eat food that they were not sure of and to boldly go […]

Day 9/10: June 8/9th

Back in the UK An early start from St Omer, following the slightly less busy main roads (rather than motorways) saw us arrive back at the Eurotunnel terminal actually in time for an almost leisurely look around… most unusual. Having done that & spent a few final Euros, we set off back to England & […]

Day 8: 7th June

3rd Battalion Scots Guards, Hill 226 & Operation BLUECOAT As mentioned earlier, investigating this unit’s contribution to the success of Operation BLUECOAT has been another interest of mine and earlier in the year, I delivered a talk to the South Manchester Tactical Society about it. Having visited the area on many occasions & taken lots of […]