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Normandy 2017 Day 4 – Mixing history and beers; a heady cocktail

Day 4 – Friday 2nd June Mixing history An early start saw us arrive at the Eurotunnel terminal in time to catch a train prior to that on which we were scheduled. Arriving earlier in France than planned allowed us to spend an hour walking around Cap Gris-Nez. Here we took photographs of both the […]

Normandy June 2015 – Day#03 Tuesday 2nd June

Glyn Takes The Lead This started off very much as “Glyn’s day of research”. It was also a day of First World War Cemeteries. Perhaps, inspired by some of the work that I’d been doing & that he has helped with, Glyn had recently dug into his own family history and found that one of […]

Normandy June 2014 – Day#10 Sunday 8th June

Mullberies Sunday saw us begin our winding way homeward. For a change, we decided to head north towards the beaches & one of the first sea-born sights to greet us was the remaining pieces of the Mulberry Harbours; an amazing feat of engineering born of the realisation that it would take time for the invasion […]

Normandy 2013 – Day#4 Tuesday 4th June

Rouen to Operation GOODWOOD Rouen Leaving Patrick and the brewery, we headed down into Rouen itself for a look around as we’d been through it on a number of occasions without taking any time out for a good sightseeing. So having parked up without too much navigation of Rouen’s one-way system required, we took to […]

Normandy tour 2013

Normandy… And so it came to pass, in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen, that our heroes did decide that the time had come to once again embark on their quest to quaff ales and wines from far and near, to eat food that they were not sure of and to boldly go […]

Day3: 2nd June

Still in England This was the last day that we would see England for a while, so, bearing in mind our departure time on the Chunnel, we had a stroll around an early Saturday-morning Canterbury before heading off towards the terminal. However, we needed food & being aware that a new brew pub had set […]