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Normandy 2017 Day 9 – Estry, Deep Purple, barbed wire and beer

Day 9 – Wednesday 7th June A walk around Estry This morning we spent time looking around the village of Estry as Colin wanted to take photographs of the locations of damaged and destroyed Churchill tanks following the battle to liberate the village as he needed this for his war gaming group and his military […]

Normandy 2016 Day 7- John Harder in the news

Day 07 – Thursday 2nd June Chasing down John Harder (part 2) After breakfast, we went back to the Mairie in Évron to see Livre d’Or & John Harder’s signature for ourselves – it was great being able to see a piece of “real history” that I had a direct connection to. Then, as it […]

Normandy 2016 Day 6 – Chasing John Harder

Day 06 – Wednesday 1st June Chasing John Harder Today would have a focus on tracing John Harder’s return visit to Normandy in the 1970s when he was presented with a medallion by the mayor of Évron which was the main town nearest to where he parachuted into Normandy from his stricken Spitfire. We had […]

Normandy September 2015 – Day #06 – Monday 14th September 2015

A surprise for Martha So our last day with Martha & Sam started off bright & early with a filling traditionally French breakfast at Tony & Jill’s. Leaving them in the sunshine, we headed off to Barrie’s & the Shed. What Martha didn’t know was there was a little surprise in store for her! Initially, […]

Normandy June 2015 – Day#08 Sunday 7th June

North, south  or both Another hot day dawned. Given what the weather forecast had been for this week when we were back in the UK, we had been exceptionally lucky with, largely, sunny hot days… Today, we were heading south to visit M Michel Filoche who, you may recall, owned the farm where Flt Lt […]

Normandy 2014 – Day#01 Friday 30th May

Pubs and brewpubs – that’s a different start for us… not! We started off and first went to Banbury where we had lunch in a Hook Norton pub – The Roebuck. Hook Norton being a brewery that neither Glyn nor I had had beers from for a long time. We then continued to Aylesbury which […]

Phil Harder – RIP

Just received the sad news that Phil Harder, brother of Flt Lt John Harder, passed away on 16th April. Phil’s Obituary is here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/startribune/obituary.aspx?n=philip-m-harder&pid=164383627&fhid=4454 This photo of Phil in Coast Guard uniform was supplied by Bobbie Harder (one of John Harder’s daughters & Phil’s neices) I spoke to Phil a couple of years ago to […]

Stuart Hadaway: The British Airman of the Second World War

The British Airman of the Second World War …is the title of a new book released by the Shire Library written by Stuart Hadaway formerly of the RAF Museum & now working for the Air Historical Branch of the RAF. I first met Stuart whilst he was at the museum & he was very helpful […]

Manchester Military History Society

This evening (9th April 2013) I’ve been invited to deliver the monthly lecture to the Manchester Military History Society & so I’ll be sharing the “story so far” and my plans for the future. This is the third time I’ve had the opportunity and each time, I’ve been able to add more to the picture. As […]

Battle of Gettysburg

Preparations for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Congratulations to Tabb Firchau & the team at FreeFly Cinema for their success in the upcoming film remembering the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. This three-day battle changed the course of American history. In 1863 George Meade’s Union army defeated Robert E. Lee’s Confederate […]