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Normandy 2018 Day 2 – Brewery, Micropubs and wartime memories with a train for good measure

Locomotive on the M25 Yes, you read that correctly! Leaving Aylesbury following a fulfilling breakfast, we headed towards the M25 – the ring-road motorway around London. Whilst you’d expect this to be free-flowing, it rarely is… a couple of years ago on one of our trips, it came to a halt in order for a […]

Normandy 2018 Day 1 – Deja-vu all over again

Day 1 – our customary start Beer and brewpubs Yes, our annual trip to Normandy started in it’s usual fashion directed by the good words of CamRA’s Good Beer Guide – though this time, it was easier to plan as we’d previously arranged to try to meet up with one of the chaps from CamRA […]

Normandy 2016 Day 2 – Black Country brewery tour

Day 02– Saturday 28th May Final checks at the garage An early start saw me at Ashley’s garage & 10 minutes later with a little half-horseshoe clip back in place & the engine washed off of surplus diesel, I was back on the road south to Glyn’s. Black Country Brewery tour On arrival, though slightly […]

Normandy August 2014 – Day#01 Wednesday 13th August

Return to Normandy So, back off to Normandy for a third time in a single year – one of the benefits of an “Anniversary Year”… and my wife, Elaine, wasn’t complaining, either, as it meant that she got the benefit of another chunk of snore-free night’s sleep! As it was a special year & visit […]

Normandy 2014 – Day#01 Friday 30th May

Pubs and brewpubs – that’s a different start for us… not! We started off and first went to Banbury where we had lunch in a Hook Norton pub – The Roebuck. Hook Norton being a brewery that neither Glyn nor I had had beers from for a long time. We then continued to Aylesbury which […]

Normandy 2013 – Day#4 Tuesday 4th June

Rouen to Operation GOODWOOD Rouen Leaving Patrick and the brewery, we headed down into Rouen itself for a look around as we’d been through it on a number of occasions without taking any time out for a good sightseeing. So having parked up without too much navigation of Rouen’s one-way system required, we took to […]

Normandy 2013 – Day#1 Saturday 1st June

Black Country brewpubs Black Country brewpubs tour So, the great plan was to visit a number of Black Country Brewpubs to set ourelves up for the coming week and a bit in Normandy… Public transport when it works, works really well… unfortunately, it’s very rarely a nice direct route at the time’s you’d like! So, […]

Day 9/10: June 8/9th

Back in the UK An early start from St Omer, following the slightly less busy main roads (rather than motorways) saw us arrive back at the Eurotunnel terminal actually in time for an almost leisurely look around… most unusual. Having done that & spent a few final Euros, we set off back to England & […]

Day3: 2nd June

Still in England This was the last day that we would see England for a while, so, bearing in mind our departure time on the Chunnel, we had a stroll around an early Saturday-morning Canterbury before heading off towards the terminal. However, we needed food & being aware that a new brew pub had set […]

Day2: 1st June

Friday saw us heading round & into Kent, initially heading for Herne Bay followed by Reculver, RAF Manston & Plucks Gutter (honest!) before ending up in Canterbury for the evening. We’d decided not to eat at the hotel & instead, once round the south of London on the M25, headed off the motorway in search […]