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Normandy 2018 Day 3 – Security checks, fog, missed breweries, tardis and pizza

Day 3 – Saturday 2nd June Off on the Chunnel As usual, we crossed via the “Chunnel” (or Channel Tunnel to give it it’s proper name). For us, this this is a quick way of getting over to mainland Europe. Our B&B didn’t provide breakfast! So, as a result we’d picked an early crossing. Perhaps […]

Normandy 2017 Day 4 – Mixing history and beers; a heady cocktail

Day 4 – Friday 2nd June Mixing history An early start saw us arrive at the Eurotunnel terminal in time to catch a train prior to that on which we were scheduled. Arriving earlier in France than planned allowed us to spend an hour walking around Cap Gris-Nez. Here we took photographs of both the […]

Normandy 2016 Day 6 – Chasing John Harder

Day 06 – Wednesday 1st June Chasing John Harder Today would have a focus on tracing John Harder’s return visit to Normandy in the 1970s. On his return he was presented with a medallion by the mayor of Évron This is the main town nearest to where he parachuted into Normandy from his stricken Spitfire. […]

Normandy 2016 Day 5 – Sharks and beer

Day 05 – Tuesday 31st May Sharks and beer? Yes, who’d have thought that the phrase “Sharks and beer” would have appeared on the same page – at least in a blog that’s not about Australian beaches! So, what’s it all about? Sharks in the Channel? The day dawned very wet & windy – fortunately, […]

Normandy September 2015 – Day #06 – Monday 14th September 2015

A surprise for Martha So our last day with Martha & Sam started off bright & early with a filling traditionally French breakfast. Leaving  Tony & Jill  enjoying the sunshine, we headed off to Barrie’s & the Shed. What Martha didn’t know was there was a little surprise in store for her! Initially, we were […]

Normandy June 2015 – Day#09 Monday 8th June

Veterans in Arromanches Today saw us travelling around in History again, on our slow journey back towards the UK. First of all, we drove up to Arromanches where a strong wind was generating a fair swell on the sea We could be seen from how the waves were crashing against the remnants of the Mulberry […]

Normandy June 2015 – Day#03 Tuesday 2nd June

Glyn Takes The Lead This started off very much as “Glyn’s day of research”. It was also a day of First World War Cemeteries. Perhaps, inspired by some of the work that I’d been doing & that he has helped with, Glyn had recently dug into his own family history and found that one of […]

Normandy August 2014 – Day#03 Friday 15th August

Return to Operation GOODWOOD… Having had an excellent breakfast prepared by Patrick’s wife, Annick, we set off towards Caen. Our first stop-off was at a large car boot sale (well, why not)… in the background was the remaining cooling tower from the old Colombelles steel works which was used as an observation post by the […]

Normandy August 2014 – Day#02 Thursday 14th August

Disaster! We’ve had some interesting escapades on these trips with late arrivals at hotels, having to wait at the Chunnel for a delayed train, etc, but this one was spectacular! We’d had a look around the village of Cricklade and had set off for the Chunnel as my phone rang… it was Elaine, my wife, […]

Normandy June 2014 – Day#10 Sunday 8th June

Mullberies Sunday saw us begin our winding way homeward. For a change, we decided to head north towards the beaches & one of the first sea-born sights to greet us was the remaining pieces of the Mulberry Harbours; an amazing feat of engineering born of the realisation that it would take time for the invasion […]