Sheppard – Newspaper articles

The local newspapers reported what details they had at the time of his capture…

24th July 1944: Morris Sheppard Of Madison Lake Missing in Action

Sergeant Morris W. Sheppard, 28-year-old paratrooper from Madi­son Lake, is missing in action in France, his mother, Mrs. S. T. Sheppard, was informed in a tele­gram from the war department.

A member of the army’s airborne troops, Sheppard has been overseas in England for 15 months and in service since March 1, 1942. He was in a chemical warfare outfit first but then transferred to the paratroopers in February, 1943.

Before entering the army, he assisted his mother in the operation of Point Pleasant resort at Madi­son. Lake and was a member of the Mankato battery of the na­tional guard.

Two brothers are also in service. Arnold, 38, is at an army post In Pennsylvania and Finley, 23, is serving In Italy as a member of an armored tank division. 

13th November 1944: Sgt. M. Sheppard, Listed Missing, Is Nazi Prisoner

Sergeant Morris Sheppard, re­ported missing since D-day June 6, is alive, well and a prisoner of the German government, according to word received Wednesday by his mother, Mrs Sam Sheppard of Point Pleasant, Madison Lake,

Sergeant Sheppard was with the ??82nd airborne division of the 505th infantry and one’ of the paratroopers who landed in Normandy on D-day.

Mrs. Sheppard had two official notices, one July 2 and the sec­ond October 15, telling her that her son was missing.  The telegram Wednesday  came   through   the American Red Cross.

Mrs. Sheppard had previous to D-day received two letters from her son’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel William E. Ekman of :he 505th infantry, commending young Sheppard for the manner in which he fulfilled his duties and for his individual accomplishments and valiant service.

11th July 1945: Sgt. Sheppard Has Escaped

Mrs. Emma Sheppard of Madison Lake, formerly of Mankato, received a wire recently from provost marshal In Washington, DC saying that her son, Master Sergeant Morris W. Sheppard, who was in a German prison camp, is now In ‘Moscow. Sheppard entered the service in 1941 and in 1943 joined the paratroopers and went overseas with the 82nd airborne division of the 505th infantry. He went to Africa, was in the first American plane that flew to Siciiy, then to Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, back to England and was captured on the Normandy beachhead. He was awarded the purple heart.

Two brothers are also in the service. Private First Class Arnold Sheppard, who entered the service a year ago in January, is with the supreme headquarters expeditionary allied forces In France.

Private Finley Sheppard entered the service in October, 1942, and is with the first armored tank battalion In Italy, He also holds purple heart

Interestingly, it was not until 13th March 1945, that the American Military authorities notified the family that Morris was a PoW as shown by this letter…