The Shed

The Shed: A grainstore converted to house Allied Prisoners of War

The shed is in a small village in Normandy, France by the name of St Vigor des Mezerets. This lies to the North West of Conde sur Noireau and South West of Caen. It was the grain store for the village bakery. Here’s a link to a map on Google

This is what the shed looks like today…The Shed: A grainstore converted to hold Allied PoWs

and this is what the fuss is all about…

Allied PoW signatures on the inside of the shed

Morris Sheppard wrote his details separately (possibly to be able to record the number of escape attempts that he made!)

There are 18 names in total which include name, rank, serial number together with a date. For some of the men, this appears to be the date that they were captured (as it ties in with the date on their “Returning PoW Questionnaire“). However, for others, it would appear to be the date that they were at the shed.

We’ve been able to track down the route that some of the men followed from where they were originally captured until they arrived at the shed. However, others are still far more of a mystery. It’s been a fascinating exercise to be able to track some of them down. Particularly when this has then allowed us to take family members to some of these places during visits to Normandy. These have been very special times!