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Other websites

There are a huge number of websites that focus on the Second World War & I’ve visited a lot myself; however, there is a small number that I find myself returning to again & again & I’d like to share some of those with you here.

Some will already have featured on the individual pages within this site, or on the Blog, but this is a convenient place to bring them together.

RCAF 434 “Bluenose” Squadron

This site is run by Alan Soderstrom. Alan is a contact that I made whilst researching one of the many intriguing stories concerning John Harder & a photo of a shot up Lancaster bomber that was in his collection of wartime photos. From the squadron markings, I was able to trace it to the 434 “Bluenose” squadron RCAF & through that I came across Alan’s site which in many ways has a similar theme to mine in that he’s researching in detail wartime memories, though in his case it’s specifically tied in to 434 Squadron. Alan has kindly added my theory of why John Harder had the Lancaster photo onto his website.