3rd Battalion Scots Guards, 6th Guards Tank Brigade

Whilst none of the men that we’re researching were members of 3rd Battalion Scots Guards, because I use our trips to Normandy as further “field research” into other military areas of interest, I thought that it was about time that I put up a page about this unit which Glyn & I have spent a lot of time researching & walking the site of their first battle in Normandy on Hill226 by Les Loges (south of Caumont) in the opening stages of Operation BLUECOAT.

We’re also proud to count Peter Muir Findlay – main gunner of SKYE Tank, 8 Troop – as one of our friends. This page is dedicated to him & his comrades.

As part of my research, I put together a booklet – partly new research & partly pulling together that of others’ in a time-based narrative which is downloadable from here. The first copy was presented to Muir in Normandy, with a further copy going to the Bucks, Berks & Oxon Branch  of the Scots Guards Association when I gave a talk there in 2017. There is also a copy at the museum dedicated to Operation BLUECOAT in St Martin des Besaces & it’s also available as a download from their site.

At the moment, I can’t upload a copy here as it’s too large (4Mb), but if you’d like a copy to read, by all means drop me a note via the contact page on the site

There’s also a great resource on the whole of 6th Guards Tank Brigade here: https://sites.google.com/site/6thguardstankbrigade/