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Normandy July 2014 – Day#06 – Tuesday 29th July

Beer & chips Our final day saw us back into England and a visit to the Sperrin Brewpub with its Victory Beers named because the pub that they’re served at has been modified to look like parts of an English Man o’ War during the Napoleonic Wars  – very interesting… & the beer wasn’t bad, […]

Normandy July 2014 – Day#05 – Monday 28th July

The baker’s son Our last day in Normandy was quite amazing to say the least as we met up with M Gilbert Raimbault. Gilbert used to live where Barrie & Stuart do now… but he lived there during the Second World War when his father was the baker in the village! He told us that […]

Normandy July 2014 – Day#04 – Sunday 27th July

Return to EPSOM The day started with some more photos of the Operation EPSOM area – necessary as I’d not taken all of the ones that I wanted before my camera battery had died realier in the week. So, fully charged we set off again. The start point was where we’d left off – the […]

Normandy July 2014 – Day#03 Saturday 26th July

Breakfast in BLUECOAT So, an early start saw us at the museum at St Martin des Besaces as we’d been invited to join in with the celebrations commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the village during Operation BLUECOAT. We missed the breakfast, but saw the band who played & marched from the Salle […]

Normandy July 2014 – Day#02 Friday 25th July

Roman ruins Today saw us in Normandy, but rather than initially focusing on the period between 1939-45, or more particularly, June – August 1944, we decided to go back much further in time and visit the Roman ruins at Vieux which managed to survive all of the fighting for the nearby Hill 112… ‘though one […]

Normandy July 2014 – Day#01 Thursday 24th July

White horses and bad backs So, our second trip to Normandy this year started with its usual diversion via a pub… but this time, it was as part of a Mission. Unfortunately, in June, Eain & Muir Findlay weren’t able to join us in Normandy as Eain had badly hurt his back, but for that […]

Normandy June 2014 – Day#13 Wednesday 11th June

A final brewpub with a Great English name Back in England and another brewpub – the George & Dragon at Swanscombe – but I’m beginning to wonder whether this blog is more about beer than wartime research!!

Normandy June 2014 – Day#12 Tuesday 10th June

Poppies and cemeteries Back on the road & another poppy field reminding us of the blood that was shed in these areas 100 years ago. We soon arrived at Rancourt which appears to be unique in that there are German, French and British Commonwealth cemeteries all relatively close to each other. Then, having passed the […]

Normandy June 2014 – Day#07 Thursday 5th June

Hill 112 and Albert Figg We were up fairly early in the morning and headed off to Hill 112 ready to meet Albert Figg, a veteran of the campaign there. Albert is the guy who did most of the fundraising to put a Churchill tank on top of the Hill in memory of the men that fought […]

Normandy June 2014 – Day#06 Wednesday 4th June

Tank shells to vases It had rained quite a lot overnight and was still raining when we woke up, so we decided that we weren’t in a hurry. The farm where we were staying had some interesting vases full of flowers, however, somewhat unusually, they were two 90 millimetre shell brass casings. The owner had been told that they were of German origin […]