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Normandy August 2014 – Day#05 – Sunday 17th August

Operation BLUECOAT Battlefield tour and talk Today started wet & with a return to Hill 226 and a second meet-up with Stéphane Jacquet as he’d asked me to go through the talk that I do on the start of Operation BLUECOAT which focuses on 3rd Battalion Scots Guards (one of three constituent units of 6th […]

Normandy August 2014 – Day#04 – Saturday 16th August

Preparations for the “Men in the Shed” talk So, the Big Day dawned… Today was the day chosen to celebrate the Liberation, 70 years ago on 14th August 1944, of St Vigor des Mezerets  by 43rd Wessex Infantry Division (the same one that Albert Figg fought with). As part of the celebrations, following the various […]

Normandy August 2014 – Day#01 Wednesday 13th August

Return to Normandy So, back off to Normandy for a third time in a single year – one of the benefits of an “Anniversary Year”… and my wife, Elaine, wasn’t complaining, either, as it meant that she got the benefit of another chunk of snore-free night’s sleep! As it was a special year & visit […]

Manchester Military History Society

This evening (9th April 2013) I’ve been invited to deliver the monthly lecture to the Manchester Military History Society & so I’ll be sharing the “story so far” and my plans for the future. This is the third time I’ve had the opportunity and each time, I’ve been able to add more to the picture. As […]