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Normandy Visit – June 2011

So, after the sleepless start (see previous post for the horrific details of what happens if you’re late to the Chunnel on a Friday night!) & arrival at our hotel (the Formule 1 Hotel at Boulogne sur Mer) as dawn was breaking, we had a reasonable night’s sleep and so, having taken full advantage of […]

Visit to Normandy – July 2010

This year’s trip was always going to have the opportunity to be special ever since earlier in the year when I’d received an email from Jesse Sheppard (Grandson of Morris Sheppard, one of the “names” in the Shed). The anticipation was increased once it also looked as ‘though Jim, Jesse’s father & Morris’ son would […]

Visit to Normandy – July 2009

Friday 24th July Flt Lt John Worthington Harder We (Glyn, Benoît (our translator – local lad interested in local history & with very good English) and me) set out on our 2 hour drive (having driven over 8 to get to “the Shed” the day before!) down to Evron, the town where John had crashed […]