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Pte S BruntAs regards Pte S Brunt, in addition to his signature on the wall, we have his “Returning PoW Questionnaire”. This tells us a number of things about him. Firstly, his full name was Sammy Brunt and he was from Chatham in Kent. Secondly, he was born on  7th June 1924.  He ended up at Teschen Pow camp – and from there was employed as a miner at the work-camp at Hindenburg.

Sammy was luckier than his  cousin, Edward Victor Brunt – a Lance Corporal with the Royal Scots Fusiliers – who died in action in March 1945. Edward Brunt is buried at Nijmegen.

Genealogical Research

The address in the 1939 register is different from that given on his Pow questionnaire, and his date of birth is incorrect, seemingly garbled with that of his brother.

1939 Register


Brunt returned to Chatham after the war. He married in 1947 and as a result was blessed with several children.

Sammy Brunt died in 2007 – a number of death notices can be viewed on the web.

We have written to various family members but as yet have had no response.