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Through her own research on the internet, I was contacted in 2008 by Linda Thompson, Thomas Blunt’s daughter.

Communication from Thomas Blunt’s daughter

I have only today found out which Stalag camp my father was in. Having received the info from the Army records office.

Pte Thomas Blunt's signatureI accessed the web to try and find out where my father had been captured. Up came St Vigor des Mezerets.

He did indeed survive the war and lived until he was 74 . Bringing up three children, myself, brother and sister.

He was born in Liverpool and enlisted there, eventually marrying my mother in 1942 and settling in Birmingham after the war. He served in Singapore and India and was a regular soldier for 12 years. At least he signed up for 9 years, then war broke out!

He never wanted to talk about his time as a POW. So I can only assume it was pretty unpleasant. It’s strange that I had a pen-friend in Calvados in my teens and my father never mentioned where he had been captured.

Army Record

I’m sending various photos of my father which were taken between 1932 and 1942. Some at Aldershot barracks and a couple in Hong Kong. I’m sending a few copies of my fathers’ army records – hope they turn out ok as I got a bit confused with the scanning process! A quick resume however is as follows :-

 Joined up Liverpool 27/6/33 Wiltshire Regiment aged 19 as a regular soldier. Transferring from Wiltshires  to Devonshires on 14/6/44.  He joined the army as there was no work in Liverpool due to the depression. His brother John Francis also joined up. I’m not sure if it was at the same time as he was about 2 years younger.

His family name was Blount but somehow it became Blunt whilst he was in the army because his father said it was a mistake by the registrar when he was born, who misheard the name! 

  • June 33 – Jan 35 UK.
  • Jan   35 – Jan 36 Singapore.
  • Jan   36 – Mar 39 India.
  • April 39 – June 43 India.
  • June 43 – June 44 UK..
  • June 44 – July 44 NW Europe (Normandy).
  • July  44 – April 45 POW.
  • April 45 – Oct 45 UK.

Marriage and family

My father got married on 2/10/43 whilst on leave, after meeting my mother for the first time 6 weeks before the ceremony! They had been pen-friends for about 3 years whilst he was stationed in India, after being introduced by my mother’s brother who was also serving in India. My brother was born 9 months later. My father didn’t see him until he was 2 years old as he was posted abroad and was a POW. 

[In fact the brother was born on 12th July 1944 the very day Thomas Blunt was captured! Ed].

He didn’t keep a diary whilst a POW but he wrote hundreds of love letters to my mother during their courtship. Unfortunately she destroyed them all after my father died because she said they were personal to her and didn’t want anyone else reading them. Shame really but there you are.

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