Normandy 2018 Day 8 – Another brewery ticked off

Day 8 – Thursday 7th June

Northwards into the sun

A reasonably late start saw us on our slow way back home. Leaving the mist, drizzle & coolness that we’d experienced over the past few days behind us.  For now it would be clear blue skies & very hot summer sun.

Lunch was very elegant… lounging in the sun with a baguette… at a motorway service station!

Rollus Brewery

As regular readers will be aware, WW2 research is often interspersed with beer & breweries. The trip back was to be no exception.

We’d booked to stay overnight at the Rollus brewery in the village of Louvrechy, south of Amiens in the Picardie Region of France. The brewery is based in a hundred years-old barn at the side of the main property which holds the accommodation & eating area. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the owner & brewer – Laurent Widcoq – was out, so we made ourselves at home in the rear garden – continuing to bask in the warm sunshine – awaiting his arrival.

Glyn & I occasionally enjoy the absurd. So, having spotted what appeared to be a replica of Stonehenge – but of “Spinal Tap” proportions – decided to do the traditional dance…

If you’ve never seen the original, here’s a You Tube clip… The reactions from 2:26 onwards are excellent!

Laurent arrived shortly & showed us to our rooms – which were very nice. We then went out for some food at the Moulin des Ecrevisses which Laurent had recommended – an elegant local restaurant set around an old mill complex:

Returning to the brewery, we noticed that lots of Thunder Clouds had arrived, following us up from Normandy, perhaps? But providing a great sunset.


On arrival, Laurent asked whether we’d like to see the small brewery where he made his beer – well, that didn’t take asking twice – and following a discussion about which type of hops were best – pellets or fresh, we returned to the garden to sample some of the finished product…




It’s a tough job, this researching… aren’t you glad that you have someone to do it for you?

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