Normandy 2017 Day 7 – On Hill 112

Day 7 – Monday June 5th

On Hill 112 with Albert Figg

Today saw us heading off to meet with Albert Figg on the top of Hill 112.

This is something that we do each year and following the small ceremony that is held there,  we go for something to eat. This year the ceremony was larger than usual as I think people had been attracted by the fact that the trees have now been planted and the statue of the infantryman moved into its final location

The 112 trees have been planted as a living memorial to all on both sides of the conflict that fought & died here.

Whist on the Hill, we were privileged to meet two other veterans that had fought there – David Mylchreest who at the time was a lieutenant with the 4th Somerset Light Infantry and Jack Woods who served in tanks with 9th Royal Tank Regiment (& who would have been in Churchill tanks similar to the one that is a memorial on the hill). So, in addition to Albert, we now know a Gunner, Infantryman & tanker all of whom fought on the hill

As part of the promotional stuff for the Hill, Ben Oostra had produced some stickers with the emblems of all of the allied units that had been involved in the fighting for the Hill. He had also produced some medallions for people who had helped in promoting and supporting the efforts to raise funds and awareness of the memorials. Colin was privileged to receive one of  these in recognition of his support for the project including some fundraising & general raising of awareness.

We then spent the afternoon taking photographs of key locations for the battle for Hill 112 which Colin had not been able to get in previous visits as he is delivering the talk on the battle in July to his local military history group – the Manchester Military History Society – as the annual Ian Daglish Memorial lecture

Becoming “Tired and Emotional”

It was then off to Tony and Jill Stansfield for our new accommodation for the evening and a meal with the family. As is traditional, wine flowed as did Tony’s Calva which, by the end of the evening resulted in both of us becoming “tired and emotional”!

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