Normandy 2017 Day 4 – Mixing history and beers; a heady cocktail

Day 4 – Friday 2nd June

Mixing history

An early start saw us arrive at the Eurotunnel terminal in time to catch a train prior to that on which we were scheduled. Arriving earlier in France than planned allowed us to spend an hour walking around Cap Gris-Nez. Here we took photographs of both the wartime German installations and also the earlier fort built by Henry VIII which was apparently was never used.

A revisit for the first time

We then drove down to the town of Samer for lunch.

Last year, as we passed through, we had spotted the Le Clos des Brasseurs restaurant. We had been intrigued as it appeared to have it’s own beer – though it wasn’t clear whether it was brewed on the premises or elsewhere. Unable to investigate further at the time, we said we keep it in mind for this year. So here we where – for essential research! I can report that the food and beer were most enjoyable.

Replenished, we headed south to Rouen and the Chant du Loup Brewery where we were to stay that night. Regular readers will be aware it is one of our most frequent stops. Patrick, as usual, was an excellent host providing beer for us on our arrival.

Frustrations with a manuscript

We had picked up some bread, butter, cheese and ham which we enjoyed with Patrick’s beers. Then, using the narrative in the manuscript Elledge had written just after the war, we again tried to work out the route taken by Messrs Willen, Shepherd, Elledge and Gillespie from the Nunnery. Unfortunately, we got very frustrated in not being able to clearly identify many of the places. In the end, too tired to think further, we agreed to differ as to where the various places where and retired to bed for the evening.

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