Normandy 2017 Day 3 – Hop Fuzz Micro brewery, canalside food and sailors

Day 3 – Thursday 1st June

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We returned to the National Archives to do further research, not only for ourselves but for other people and after lunch we headed out to Hythe for our last day in England. Unfortunately, this took longer than we had planned as we got caught in quite a bit of traffic trying to get out of London

Hop Fuzz takes over the SatNav

Eventually, we managed to get onto the motorway and headed out to Hythe. We have a new car and I am still practicing with its onboard sat nav. So, I tried to type in Hythe, unfortunately it picked up West Hythe (close enough, I thought) but it took us about 3 or 4 mile away from where we really wanted to be. However, as we went down the hill into the centre of West Hythe, we nearly passed a small sign saying “come in for beer”. This was the Hop Fuzz micro brewery which was not scheduled to be open that night and so we’d not planned to go however, our SatNav obviously knew better!

Arresting food!

A quick beer and then we went off to our accommodation: The Swan Hotel and then went out for something to eat. Unfortunately, by this time, everywhere was shut as far as food was concerned, so we ended up visiting the local Aldi where we picked up a packaged sandwich and a pork pie, having these on the bank of the Military Canal. Then we headed to the Mariners’ Arms for a couple of locally brewed beers before walking back to our hotel for the night where we found some policeman arresting people; fortunately it was nothing to do with us!!

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