Normandy 2017 Day 1- Using the Good Beer Guide to the full

Day 1 – Tuesday 30th May

Using the Good Beer Guide in non traditional ways

We started this years trip by heading towards Aylesbury. On the way we used the CamRA Good Beer Guide to find a pub that was not in the guide! This was The Plough, at Haseley. Unfortunately, it seemed that the beer that we wanted (one brewed locally) was not available. However as we ordered the barrel on pull spluttered to an end and another beer had to be put on. This suited us as the National brew was replaced with the local one that we had intended to try.

… and more traditionally

There was no food on offer so it was off to another pub for lunch. This time using the Good Beer Guide in a more traditional way – to find a pub that was in it –  the 8 Bells at Long Crendon. Unfortunately, Colin was less than happy with his meal – his chips were large in size but small in quantity, and not particularly nice! It looked as though the potatoes had suffered frost damage as the chips were quite black in parts. Fortunately the beer wasn’t too bad.

We then headed (finally) to Aylesbury and a Wetherspoon’s pub, where we were staying overnight. Unfortunately, it did not have any car parking. As a result we had to walk about half a mile, laden with heavy bags, from where we had to leave the car. Exercise this early in the holiday was definitely NOT planned!!

An early dip into history

We popped out to the Farmers’ Bar at the King’s Head which is the brewery tap for the Chiltern brewery. The pub is  of historical significance dating from 1455. It is now owned by the National Trust & is the oldest remaining courtyard inn in England. Then, having returned to the hotel for a brief rest, we met up with Stuart Hadaway and had a beer in the Wetherspoons, before heading back to the Farmer’s Bar for the rest of the evening.


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    As a resident of Aylesbury, it would have been nice to meet you. Please drop me a line if you are returning.

    I’m not sure which Wetherspoon you visited, I’m assuming the Bell Hotel (the other being the White Hart). The Bell is next door to a pub named the Black Swan.

    The Farmers’ Bar at the King’s Head is probably my favourite pub in Aylesbury; the courtyard is especially nice in fine weather.

    Other recommendations: A short walk west from the town centre is the Old Millwrights Arms, while travelling the other direction finds the Vale Brewery owned, and home of the Aylesbury Brewing Company, the Hop Pole.



  2. ColinAuthor
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    Hi Alexander,
    Thanks for this. Yes, it was the Bell that we stayed at & we spent most of the evening in the courtyard at the Farmer’s Bar as it was a very warm evening. And you’re right; it’s very nice.
    On our way back from Normandy, due to traffic, we diverted from the M40 & revisited Aylesbury & the Hop Pole as we’d not had the opportunity (this year) on the way out.
    I suspect that we’ll be back in town next May as we head out to Normandy again as one of our friends who’s been really helpful in some of the research lives there so it’s an opportunity to catch up with him.
    We may also be passing through on Monday as we head back from a further short trip to Normandy, but that’s likely to be nearer lunchtime & I suspect that you’ll be at CamRA HQ 🙂

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