Normandy 2016 Day 9 – Barrie, Brewery, Beaches and Bayeux

Day 09 – Saturday 4th June

Visiting St Vigor – where it all started

Saturday morning saw us heading off to see Barrie & Stuart for a chat & a cuppa, and to update them on our new discoveries. It’s great to see their reactions. They are so proud to have a piece of “real history” on their property (as anyone who’s met them will testify to).

Then it was just down the road to meet a young lady called Laura who’s recently moved to the area with her hubby & children. We originally “met” via Facebook through a shared interest in St Vigor des Mezerets & now it was great to put a body to a picture, and chat about the research. She then showed us the work that they’d be doing renovating the amazing property that they’d purchased.

Guess what? Another brewery!

We then headed towards the La Lie brewery in Thury Harcourt – a new one that we’d found. However, whilst we were able to find the brewery, it was closed for the day. Undaunted, we set off for OMAHA beach as I wanted to collect some sand…

OMAHA beach to Tilly sur Seulles then Bayeux for food

Following a visit to the Overlord Museum, we arrived at the beach and I grabbed some sand. We then watched a flight of troop carrying aircraft from the US Airforce flying round & round in circles overhead. Apparently they were practicing their run-ins for the 6th June Commemorative Parachute Drop. Then it was a quick beer in the sun & back to Tilly sur Seulles. We did think about having a go over the original Bailey Bridge that had been set up in a field just behind the beach. As we had driven past earlier, we had seen a number of restored vehicles going over it. However it was now closed.

Our new accommodation was at Les Tilleuls, with Mme Baratte. It had been recommended to us by our friend Stéphane Jacquet from the Tilly museum.  On arrival at Tilly, we received a wonderful welcome from Mme Baratte.

We put our stuff in the two bedroom annex that we were staying in & then drove to Bayeux . We dined at the “Le Petit Normand” restaurant as recommended by Mme Baratte (her friend owned it). The food & service certainly lived up to the billing. An added bonus was beer from the La Lie brewery that we’d tried to visit earlier that day.

Unfortunately, later that evening as we went to bed it was less pleasant. In the property next door there seemed to be a party going on… and on… and on. I finally fell asleep at 3am & it was still going on! Ironically Glyn, who is prone to insomnia, slept well

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