Normandy 2016 Day 8 – On tour with Bill Sullivan’s family

Day 08 – Friday 3rd June

Remembering Bill Sullivan

An early morning start saw us headed off to Ste Mere Église . Or rather the farm complex just to the East at La Fiere to meet up with Elizabeth Sullivan (wife of Veteran Bill Sullivan) & her niece, Denise.

Unfortunately, Bill has succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease & is currently in a retirement home in Montana. However Elizabeth had decided to return this year, accompanied by Denise, to carry on the tradition of a Sullivan trip to Normandy.

La Ronde-Haye

To fit in with various opening times, we started by visiting la Ronde-Haye. Where Bill & Elizabeth had presented a plaque to M Denis LENESLEY, the Mayor of La Ronde Haye, in 2014. As we spoke to the mayor we saw that the plaque had been fixed to the wall of his  office. We then all walked over to visit the old schoolhouse from where Bill Sullivan & Morris Sheppard had escaped following their earlier recapture.

The flour mill

Next was a visit to La Cour d’Aisy & M & Mme Lenot. At their old flour mill, now a wonderful home adorned with roses (as commented on in 2014 by Elizabeth). Unfortunately, Mme Lenot, was in Sainte Mere Eglise at the cinema. So we only had a brief stay & Elizabeth & Denise promised to return on Tuesday.


Our final visit was to Créances. Unfortunately, M Henri LEMOIGNE wasn’t in the office, but we were able to have a close-up look at the statuette that Bill had presented in 1995.

During our previous visits with Elizabeth, we didn’t have the opportunity to look at the first small shed that Bill, Morris & the others hid in. They were there only briefly, before being moved to the one in the forest. The shed has now  largely demolished. However it was good to be able to show it to Elizabeth. We also also pointed out the building that Bill called at on the look-out for help. Next door to which was the building that was being used by the Germans’ as a field hospital.

Beers in Ste Mère Église

We then decided to head back to their accommodation at La Fiere for a quick cuppa. It was then on to Ste Mère Église for a beer in the world-famous Stop Bar. There we were joined by Staff Sgt Chang whom Elizabeth & Denise had met the previous night. It was good to chat with this serving soldier who was an excellent ambassador for the US Military.

We then said our goodbye’s. We took a slight detour to find the micro-brewery that had been set up in the town to pick up a couple of beers.

Then it was off to St Lo for some food at the Buffalo Grill. Finally back to Tony & Jill’s for a beer or two & a great chat. On the journey Glyn & I revisited our youth, headbanging away to Rainbow’s “Rising” album!


  1. Mike Monaghan
    Posted July 22, 2018 at 12:57 am | Permalink

    My dad went to high school in New York City (I think St. Ann’s Academy) with a Bill Sullivan who was with the 82nd Airborne and participated in Normandy, was a POW for a few months, and as a career was a camerman with NBC. Actually one of the benefits of being a paratrooper was no fear of heights — Bill was one of the camermen up in the eagle’s nest at PGA tournaments. Bill was also my dad’s best man at mom & dad’s wedding. Is this the same Bill Sullivan?

  2. Colin Foster
    Posted August 8, 2018 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi Mike,
    My Apologies, I thought that I’d replied to this, either here or via email
    Yes, it sounds very much as though “your” & “My” Bill Sullivan are one and the same

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