Normandy 2016 Day 1 – AA man to the rescue

Day 01 – Friday 27th May

Plans go awry

The plan was for me to travel down to Glyn’s. I had planned to visit my uncle, too, but he was unavailable so I finished off some work related stuff & set off at 4pm.

Having checked the state of the motorway traffic with it being a Bank Holiday weekend, I decided to go “the country way” via Buxton, Ashbourne & Lichfield through the Derbyshire & Staffordshire countryside. This then made me think of a Plan… so I arranged to meet up with Glyn in Lichfield for a beer & something to eat as it was a place that neither of us had been for a long time.

Driving past the limestone quarries just south of Buxton, I noticed what appeared to be a plume of white dust behind my car, but thought nothing of it because the whole of the countryside in that area is covered with a fine layer of limestone dust from the blasting operations at the local quarries.

However, by the time that I’d reached Ashbourne, I realised that it was a little more “home grown” & it wasn’t dust, but smoke coming from the engine. Eeek!!

Just outside of Ashbourne, I pulled over & had a phone conversation with my mechanic – Ashley – who had finished putting the engine back together only on Wednesday evening. As he was going out with his family, we agreed that I’d get in touch with the AA & we’d be advised by them… meanwhile there was a small pool of diesel forming underneath the engine!!

After an hour, & spot on to their ETA, the AA man in his yellow van arrived & after some digging around, he spotted that one of the new fuel lines had come off its injector & was pumping diesel out (the mpg is bad enough without assistance like this in using the stuff!!). Fortunately, the AA man was able to fix it in place with a cable tie & suggested that I head back home to get it checked properly by Ashley.

So a phone update to Glyn revealed that he’d missed the last bus home… or rather it hadn’t turned up & so now he was going to head out to Cannock, first, before being able to head to Walsall & home. We planned to (hopefully) meet the next day providing that the car was sorted & he’d managed to find a way home!

All the way home as I passed pub after pub, I wondered why I’d not stopped & waited at one of those for the AA man & instead waited in a layby!

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