Normandy September 2015 – Day #04 – Saturday 12th September 2015

Today started wet – our first bad weather day – but as we were largely travelling, at least to start with, that didn’t matter much.

We were off to join in with a Remembrance/Commemoration service at the village of Norolles (just north of Lisieux) as we’d been invited by a French Historian – JeanMarc Lesueur. One of the key reasons to attend was that it was in memory of some 49th (Polar Bear) Division men who lost their lives in the liberation of the village & Cpl Victor Scott was a member of that division. I’ve joined the Divisional Association partly to share the “MitS” Story & partly to see if there’s any information forthcoming to add to what I know of Scott.

Unfortunately, the rain didn’t let off – in fact it intensified which left us all standing under umbrellas. As usual with many of the smaller ceremonies that we’ve attended, it was short but run with a real sense of purpose & remembrance with some of the youngsters of the village laying individual flowers to commemorate those that died & another youngster doing a reading. As ever, it was great to see that the younger generation are taught the importance of remembrance.

Then it was to the Vin d’Honneur and the rain began to ease off whilst we were having a great chat with Denis Dimond, Secretary of the 49th “Polar Bear” Association Then, as the time came for us to eat, the sun came out!

The lunch went on from 12 until almost 4 when we had to leave to get to our next hotel ready for an evening meal, but the time was spent in great company… though it would appear from Denis’s comments, that JeanMarc enjoys going round and round the Caen Peripherique motorway!

It was sad to have to leave having made additional new friends, but we had further assignments

Our accommodation for the evening was the IBIS Hotel in Port en Bessin – very nice – and at 7pm we met up with Sam & Martha Bowen and their friends Susan & David. We were also joined by Graham Hollands – a retired General who now does Normandy Battlefield Tours – who proved to be a charming & well-informed chap. I hope that we’ll meet him again.

The meal in the Hôtel de la Marine was superb with lots of chat about both what we’ve discovered to date – especially with regard to Raymond Elledge, and our plans for the next couple of days.

Having eaten our fill, it was time to say “au revoir” until tomorrow, but Glyn & I managed a sneaky beer before heading back to the hotel

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