Normandy September 2015 – Day #03 – Friday 11th September 2015

Today saw us heading up to Hill 112 near Everecy to meet up with an historian contact – Dominique Bidart – that I’d made through Facebook. We also wanted to take a look at the new statue that’s been erected on the hill to commemorate the many infantrymen that fought & died there.

I’d seen photos of the statue, but seeing it in situ was pretty amazing; it’s a fantastic piece of work & the sculptor should be rightly proud of his work.

We then had a chat with Dominique regarding the things, people & places in the area & we agreed an itinerary for the morning.

We started by heading down into & then out of Evrecy to a wood that Glyn & I had passed a couple of times last year. We got out of the car & Dominique pointed out a German flak (anti-aircraft) bunker – basically, the gun would be on the roof & the men had their quarters underneath the foot-thick concrete.. Whilst there, Dominique bent down & picked up a spent German bullet cartridge!

We then went to visit M. GHEWY near Tourmauville who has a small private collection of Second World War  artefacts including exploded shell casings from both naval artillery  German Nebelwerfers (or “Moaning Minnies”). Seeing the size of these was pretty frightening! M GHEWY then showed us where allied soldiers had scratched their names on the wall of his Dovecote (which is what Dominique had originally brought us down to see just in case any names were the same as in The Shed – unfortunately, there weren’t – but one chap was from Walsall which is where Glyn & I hail from!)

It was then time to take Dominique back to his motorbike on Hill 112 & for us to head off for some lunch having had a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

We decided on a more leisurely afternoon as the next three days promised a lot of driving

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