Normandy June 2015 – Day#10 Tuesday 9th June

 Final Day in France

Our final full day in France saw us heading up to Abbeville where we were staying near to the Comptoir du Malt brewpub (surprise, surprise!) and so we decided to have a look at the town, itself.


Food and beer first and then a wander around this lovely town.

St Wulfran’s Abbey is pretty impressive to say the least with some amazing impressionistic paintings of key moments in various Bible stories.

A little further away, still in Abbeville, is the church of St Sepulcre – still marked by signs of wartime damage; we couldn’t go inside as a funeral was ongoing                                                                      & even we have our limits!

Having booked into the hotel, we set off to the village of Saint Riquier where there was another imposing abbey. There was a very odd art exhibition on… this model of a feathered child was just… well… odd!

Outside & just down the hill was Napoleon’s Hat House – a listed building in white stone built by a soldier of Napoleon in 1837 in the shape of the hat of the Emperor. Apparently, it’s a B&B where you can stay!

And that was it… another packed visit to Normandy and France. We will be returning in September where we’re guiding Sam & Martha Bowen around some of the places that Major Ray Elledge – Martha’s father – visited, either as a pilot or on the run from or a prisoner of the Germans… looking forward to it.

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