Normandy June 2015 – Day#09 Monday 8th June

Veterans in Arromanches

Today saw us travelling around in History again, on our slow journey back towards the UK. First of all, we drove up to Arromanches where a strong wind was generating a fair swell on the sea We could be seen from how the waves were crashing against the remnants of the Mulberry Harbour.

Walking around town, we met a veteran who had served on board HMS Frobisher – Ernie Dale . So after a brief chat, I took my usual photograph and thanked him for his service. Then, a little later, we saw another veteran.

 As I was about to take his photograph, a voice said “ahh, I see that you’ve met Ernie’s brother, John; would you like a photograph of the two of them together?”

We turned around & there was the veteran that we’d met earlier! Apparently, they’d both served on board HMS Frobisher which supported the D Day landings. Technically, it was against the rules to serve on the same ship, but they managed to get away with it! But the coincidence of two brothers serving together on the same ship, meeting them individually & then together was pretty awesome! There’s an online video of them discussing their D Day.

Chewing the cud with Colin Rumford

We then called in for a brief chat with Colin Rumford – famous in miniature wargaming circles as one of the key guys behind the Rapid Fire rules set. I usually meet Colin in York in May as a wargaming show that we both attend at the Yorkshire Air Museum, and this year, we’d realised that we’d both be in the area at the same time, so we’d agreed to try to meet up.

More ancient monuments

Then it was off towards Rouen & la Chant du Loup, but we chose to travel further back in time first and visit some of the ancient ruins near Colombiers sur Seulles – firstly a large Menhir and then an even more impressive Tumulus or burial mound…certainly this year’s ancient monuments hadn’t let us down… not only could we find them, but they were pretty impressive, too.

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