Normandy August 2014 – Day#05 – Sunday 17th August

Operation BLUECOAT Battlefield tour and talk

Today started wet & with a return to Hill 226 and a second meet-up with Stéphane Jacquet as he’d asked me to go through the talk that I do on the start of Operation BLUECOAT which focuses on 3rd Battalion Scots Guards (one of three constituent units of 6th Guards Tank Brigade).

We met at the museum in St Martin des Besaces & then drove up to Caumont where the operation started, working our way through the drizzle to Hill 226 & then back to the museum.

Once back in the dry, I ran through my talk with an attentive audience of Stéphane and the then curator of the museum – Stéphane both listening and providing a translation service as the curator only spoke French – somewhat limiting in a museum that’s regularly visited by mainly English speaking people!

The reason for Stéphane wanting to listen to my interpretation of events was to expand his knowledge of the subject which is already impressive, but sometimes, hearing a second view, or reading another book can add to, augment or cement one’s own views… of course, it can also challenge them!

I have to admit that the laptop stand was one of the most unusual that I’ve used – a Merlin engine from a Spitfire!

Off to Boulogne

Talk over, Glyn & I set off homeward bound towards our overnight hotel in Boulogne. The wind had been whipping up & I got some nice evening photos of the waves crashing over the breakwater

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