Normandy August 2014 – Day#02 Thursday 14th August


We’ve had some interesting escapades on these trips with late arrivals at hotels, having to wait at the Chunnel for a delayed train, etc, but this one was spectacular!

We’d had a look around the village of Cricklade and had set off for the Chunnel as my phone rang… it was Elaine, my wife, asking whether I needed my passport!! Initially, I thought that she was looking at my old one, but a check in my documents bag told the truth! Fortunately, she’d had to get out her passport to take some information to the bank & had spotted my passport.

Back to the Midlands

A quick conversation saw us agreeing to meet at Junction 10 on the M6 motorway – an hour & a half trip for both of us – Glyn & me North & Elaine South.

So, almost two hours and a coffee later, we set off, again.

Fortunately, we’d been able to defer the crossing time for a couple of hours but it was still going to be tight on time…

Common sense strikes

On the way down, we drove through a couple of impressive rain storms and past an accident but with foot hard on the floor, we were still trying to meet the deadline for our crossing to France… we then hit further rain and, when I could no longer see the tail lights of the car in front, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour & took my foot off the accelerator, put on my emergency flashers & allowed the car to slow to a halt; there was so much rain and large hailstones coming down that it wasn’t safe to use brakes!

As we rolled to a halt, it became obvious that there had been an accident in the outside lane, with three cars nose to tail crashed into each other and the same on the inside lane… had The Man Upstairs not made me see sense & take my foot of the loud pedal, we’d have run straight into the back of it… the photos show just how bad the rain was!

So, we finally arrived at the Chunnel terminal late (but alive, I guess!!)… only to find that delays at their end meant that they were running two hours behind… so in effect, we were early!!

Bad news – no beer!

A tortuous trip through heavy rainstorms saw us arriving, late, at our usual stop-off of the Chant du Loup brewery where disaster struck, again, Patrick hadn’t been brewing as the plant was being cleaned!

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