Normandy August 2014 – Day#01 Wednesday 13th August

Return to Normandy

So, back off to Normandy for a third time in a single year – one of the benefits of an “Anniversary Year”… and my wife, Elaine, wasn’t complaining, either, as it meant that she got the benefit of another chunk of snore-free night’s sleep!

As it was a special year & visit – this time we were returning for me to give my “Men in the Shed” talk in the village of St Vigor des Mezerets (where the Shed is) as part of the celebrations for the 70th Anniversary of their Liberation – we decided to start on a high note…

How shall we celebrate?

… with not one, but two brewpubs in the same day!!

The first was the Radnor Arms in Coleshill, Oxfordshire home of the Old Forge Brewery & what a quaint (& very nice) pub (and beer!) it was.

Our second pub/Brewpub was the Hop Kettle brewery at the Red Lion in Cricklade, Wiltshire. This brewpub not only had a number of its own beers for sale, but also ones from other breweries.

For the evening, we were joined by Eain & Muir Findlay for beer, chat & food and a great time was had by all… especially as I wasn’t driving!!

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