Normandy 2013 – Day#9 Sunday 9th June

Tilly Book Fair and balloons

Tilly Book Fair

The “Salon du Livre de la Battaille de Normandie” or “Tilly Book Fair of the Battle of Normandy” is now in it’s fifth year. The “brainchild” of the Tilly 1944 Association and in particular the curator of the museum at Tilly sur Seulles  – Stéphane Jacquet – is certainly worth a visit if you’re looking for either some rare examples of books focusing on the events from 6th June 1944 to the end of August (and warfare, generally, to be honest) and so it was that we found ourselves there on it’s usual day – the Sunday immediately following the D-Day commemoration. For those thinking of attending next year, it will be on Sunday, 8th June 1944 (click here for a flyer). In recent years, this has been held in remembrance of Ian Daglish who was a regular attender of the fair and a well known & liked military historian.

In addition to meeting up with Stéphane, again, he introduced us to M. George Bernage (who is the main driving force behind the Editions Heimdal books & magazines). You’ll recall that Colin met him in Carentan when he signed the copies of the books that Colin bought for himself and Peter & Eain… he remembered me & immediately, to my surprise, apologised. Apparently, because he had been in the shop signing their copies of the books, he wasn’t able to let me know that an English language version was available… however he had copies with him at the fair & offered them to me at a vastly reduced cost – which I purchased – what a really wonderful gentleman.

So, having had a good look round, it was farewell to Stéphane & we headed back off to UTAH

Balloons at Balleroy

Balleroy (1)We took a slightly circuitous route back (no surprises there, then for those of you that have been following our adventures over the past couple of years), but this one was (almost) planned… well, sort of… in a kind of “well that road seems to sort of head the way that we think we want to go… probably!”

Anyway, by hook, crook, good judgement or sheer luck, we ended up driving down a long avenue towards a chateau… which turned out to be the Chateau de Balleroy which (I think) has a history of ballooning from the earliest days with the Montgolfier s through to the present owner. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for a visit… maybe next year

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