Normandy 2013 – Day#2 Sunday 2nd June

Heading South

And they’re off! Normandy 2013 here we come…

How much stuff do two guys need?Up bright and early (well, one of us was!) and load up the car… Yes, there are only two of us going!

Then on to the Motorway & heading south, with music from our past sounding clear over the CD player.

A stop for lunch at the King William IV pub (“proper Sunday lunch”) with a brief tour of Box Hill (where the 2012 Olympics had their cycle race) & then on to Folkestone in the company of the BBC Long Wave comentators of the 2nd One Day International cricket match between England & New Zealand which we lost! Apparently, one of the New Zealand batsmen played a really good innings & they must have mentioned this every 5 minutes!

Of course, “Comentator’s Curse” struck & every time they mentioned that this or that English batsman needed to have a good innings, they followed it with “He’s bowled him” or “He’s out”. Deep Joy… I’m sure we would have won without their interference!


Arrived at Folkestone (passing the Battle of Britain museum & noting for a future visit) & pulled up at the Grand Burstin Hotel… Grand Burstin Hotel Folkestonevery Grand & Burstin out of the harbour! Sorry!!

Slightly worring were the signs to use alcohol sanitisers before you went in to the hotel, when you left, when you went in to the restaurant & when you came out! But a comfortable bed & a sea view (over the lorry carpark!) were ok.

So, a tour around Folkestone in search of food & other refreshment was in order…

Wetherspoons FolkestoneSoon came across the local Wetherspoons pub – the Samuel Peto – very imposing, looks like an old Wesleyan chapel. Some people don’t like Wetherspoons, but their reasonable food & beer both at reasonable prices (we almost had both pints for the same price as one had cost earlier in the day!) make them a good call. When you add in the quality of some of the Wetherspoons restorationresoration & preservation work in some of their pubs (this one being an excellent example), you can understand why they’re a good thing!

Having eaten, we then took a further walk around Folkestone’s Good Beer Guide pubs, ‘though one was, unfortunately closed as was an apparent Brewery Tap. Good beer had where found & then back to the hotel for a decent night’s sleep ready for the trip across the water tomorrow

Today’s photos

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