Men in the Shed at Manchester Military History Society

Each month the Manchester Military History Society has a speaker on a military related subject followed by a discussion around that subject or related topics.

On Tuesday 9th April (if you can make it!), I’ll be delivering the lecture for the Society focusing on “the story so far…”

In 2004, Colin Foster began an investigation to unearth the story & personalities behind a set of names of 18 Allied Servicemen recorded onthe inside wall of a wooden shed in Normandy owned by a friend of his.

Nine years later, with much French wine, Cider, Calvados and beer drunk,the research is still ongoing… lots of answers have been found… and plenty more questions raised!

This talk summarises the results so far and sets out the plans for the future.

Flt Lt John Harder relaxing against the wing of his Spitfire "L for Lechery"This will be the third time that I’ve been able to share this story with members of the society, but with a large influx of new members in recent months, I think there’s only a small handful that will have heard it before.

The photo that they’ve used to advertise the site is, perhaps, one of my favourite ones of Flt Lt John Harder, relaxing against the wing of his Spitfire “L for Lechery”

The talk is being held at the East Manchester Gaming Centre on Tuesday, 9th April 2013 from 7:30pm. Here is a link to a location map

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