Day 9/10: June 8/9th

Back in the UK

An early start from St Omer, following the slightly less busy main roads (rather than motorways) saw us arrive back at the Eurotunnel terminal actually in time for an almost leisurely look around… most unusual.

Having done that & spent a few final Euros, we set off back to England & into very high winds & rain (once again, so glad that we go by train rather than boat!)

Cross Keys ThameOr way back was via Oxford & another couple of brew pubs (including The Cross Keys in Thame that didn’t have any of it’s own beer on, ‘though it did have a new version Marston's Merrie Monk Mildof an “old favourite”: Marston’s Merrie Monk Mild). It also appeared, whilst in Thame, we’d missed Robin Gibb’s funeral earlier that morning. In Oxford, we began the day as we did on our way out, with a very large, but inexpensive fried breakfast… Yum!

Also, in Oxford, we found the Royal Blenheim pub and it DID have it’s own beers on pull! Royal Blenheim Oxford

So that was it, another trip to France over all too soon. Not as much discovered as in the past, but a couple of ends tied off which was good…



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