Day 8: 7th June

3rd Battalion Scots Guards, Hill 226 & Operation BLUECOAT

Hill 226 Scots GuardsAs mentioned earlier, investigating this unit’s contribution to the success of Operation BLUECOAT has been another interest of mine and earlier in the year, I delivered a talk to the South Manchester Tactical Society about it.

Having visited the area on many occasions & taken lots of photos, I’ve recently come across some further information which made me realise that I’d taken photos of every part of what was known as Hill 226… except for the actual area where the battle took place! As the Great Homer says: “Doh!!” So off we set to capture the last few…

In addition to taking the photos, I’d hoped to be able to have a good walk around; unfortunately, the rain decided to come down hard (again!!), so I had to make do with photos taken from inside the car & regularly wiping down a wet camera! I now need to add these into both my presentation and booklet (more things added to my “to do” list!)

St Omer

So, having taken the photos of Hill 226 & confirmed with Elizabeth Sullivan that Bill wasn’t recovered enough to meet up, we set off on our long journey up to St Omer where we were staying overnight (and trying to find a brewery or two!).

Eventually, without any mishap (considering that there were a couple of times when my eyes seemed to close!), we arrived at our destination…

We’d driven through rain, wind & more rain, but the latter part of our journey was in bright sunshine. However, as we approached St Omer, a very large black cloud was beginning to loom very large… and as we arrived at the hotel, it decided to let go of it’s rain!

St Omer Storm And then within around 15 minutes, it had gone, leaving us to a wonderful warm & sunny evening.St Omer Storm

Having then booked in, we went out to find the brwewery. There are two in the town, a very large, commercial one & a much smaller craft style one. Of course, fairly typically, I thought that Glyn had pre-located it via the internet & he thought I’d done the same!

So a walk through the town saw us at a small bar drinking a very nice dark beer, but not the one that we wanted. I then decided that I was tired & hungry, so I set off back to the hotel; Glyn meanwhile decided to continue exploring & within yards had found it! Unfortunately, he couldn’t call me to let me know as my phone battery had died! So, another to “add” to next year!

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