The best laid plans of mice and men

Hadn’t been planning to write anything this evening (Friday June 3rd), but might as well do something to while away the hours!

We arrived at the Chunnel terminal a mere 10 minutes late for our train so they’ve fitted us onto the next available… unfortunately, being on a Friday when it’s apparently busier (‘though the car park doesn’t support that!) and the fact that it was after 10:30pm, the next available space isn’t until the 2:09AM crossing! Apparently they have fewer & shorter trains in the evening!

It’s then 35 minutes through the tunnel & gaining an hour as we cross to France, so suddenly it will be 3:30AM or so… then a 30 minute journey to our hotel!!

Deep Joy!

We did ask about cancelling & going early tomorrow & finding a local hotel… unfortunately, that means that we’d just go onto the “wait & see” list & being a Saturday, would probably have to wait a long time, so we’ve decided to hang on & go at 2.

The positive side of this is that I’m now making use of free wifi to do some more updates!

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